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State Thomas, Dallas section of Uptown Dallas

Individually, the four distinct branches of Uptown Dallas have their own specific and distinctive vibe. The region we are going to give you the low-down on in this report is the State Thomas, Dallas area, a historically rich and vibrant area of Uptown Dallas, that has a breath-taking aesthetic.

Social Life, out and about in the neighborhood

State Thomas, Dallas has a hip and laid-back residential atmosphere. Although the State Thomas, Dallas area has these sought-after, chillaxed vibrations, that doesn’t make it a sleepy curmudgeon of an area to live in, by any means! The pace of society and the people around you here remain extraordinarily Uptown Dallas in its style, but with that extra laid-back layer you look for in a community. The meat-and-potatoes of this region of Uptown Dallas is the suburban, homey community as opposed to the tall apartment building vibe that is dominant in the rest of Uptown. State Thomas, Dallas has a comfortable, snug atmosphere in comparison to other districts, however it has all the transportational benefits of McKinney Avenue on the West side, a vibrant and buzzing street throughout the working week. The majority of the locals in the State Thomas area have friendly patter and rapport with their neighbors. There’s a warm, social environment that will happily invite you in. You will regularly see folks walking their pets, taking a jog or cycling on the more residential avenues of State Thomas, Dallas, greeting each other warmly with a wave.

Main Attractions

The stunning and massively popular Klyde Warren Park is an easy 3-minutedrive from State Thomas, Dallas. You’ll find a fast journey by car to many of the major attractions of Uptown Dallas. If, however, you’re a keen walker or hiker, you can march your boots directly to the four major attractions of Uptown Dallas. We can compare the journeys, here:

  • The Katy Trail – There’s around an 8-minute minimum walk and can lean toward 15 to 20 minutes to travel by foot to Katy Trail.

  • The West Village – Strictly for the most hardcore of walkers, or those with a free afternoon, the West Village from State Thomas, Dallas can take up to a half-hour.

  • The Uptown Dallas Trolley – 5 minutes might be as long as it takes depending on which end of State Thomas you’re at, or it could take up to 25 minutes.

  • McKinney Avenue Night Life – A lot of the pubs, clubs and bars on McKinney could be a mere five minutes to travel to by foot. When travelling from further reaches of State Thomas, it might make the journey last up to twenty minutes. The middle-section of McKinney Avenue has the more popular nightlife spots, like the Theory, Tate’s, the Dragonfly and the Standard Pour.

If not resorting to the nearest taxi-cab service to these attractions is top priority on your nightlife agenda, make sure you get in touch with us so that we can let you know which properties have the prime location, for your needs, in this area.

Easy Access to Freeways and Uptown Dallas

State Thomas, Dallas located in Uptown Dallas can be found south of the West Village area. It has direct and easy access to the North Central Expressway in the East and Woodall Rodgers Freeway in the South. McKinney Avenue runs down the entire distance West of State Thomas, Dallas. Fast access points to every Uptown freeway makes State Thomas, Dallas probably the most convenient residential location for commuting, as any required freeway is under 5 minutes by car from any location in the region.

When you look onto the opposite side of Woodall Rodgers Freeway, you can make out downtown Dallas (with various large companies having offices there, like Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young and KPMG, Boston Consulting Group, etc.). Over from the North Central Expressway is the Knox-Henderson district, constantly evolving and increasing in popularity, especially in recent years. Additionally, you could also drive from the Woodall Rodgers to Dallas North Tollway when you need to get to North Dallas or Plano for commuting to work, or you might drive through Lemmon Avenue directly.

You can often get to other areas of Uptown Dallas from State Thomas, Dallas easily, although it may take you slightly longer as access points to busier sections and blocks of McKinney Avenue (which cuts through Uptown Dallas) are on a one-way system, putting on a few more minutes to each side of the car journey.

In the same way, if you would like to have the ability to get everywhere on foot, it might take a little longer walking to the majority of the other areas of Uptown Dallas. In some districts it could be as long as a fourteen-minute walk up to McKinney Avenue but starting a journey from alternative locations might make the journey less than seven minutes long. However, it won’t take long by car, whatsoever.

After you get to McKinney Avenue, you can get to the middle section of McKinney Avenue, home to various venues, mainly restaurants and bars, by a quick walk of just less than seven whole minutes. There is also simple and fast access to all sections of Uptown Dallas when you take the M Line Trolley, an astonishingly free public transport service that will operate until as late as midnight at the weekend.

Restaurants, Bars and Culture

State Thomas, Dallas has a very characteristic and distinctive unique restaurant, pub and bar scene, that includes red-hot social spots such as mainstay Parliament, cocktails-and-nibbles joint The Nines and trendy mixology hub The Tipsy Alchemist.

Live music lovers can have a whale of a time at the iconic Trees, the House of Blues and the Winspear Opera House, now called the AT&T Performing Arts Center for the more discerning, upmarket culture fans. The live venue Trees showcases the most cutting-edge up-and-comers as well as the most established cover bands, while the House of Blues features a Southern-inspired menu to be enjoyed of an evening with their trademark live Rock and Blues bands. The AT&T Performing Arts Center features full listings of anything from musical theatre performances, stand-up comedy and concerts to opera, ballet and contemporary dance shows, most weeks of the month.

As far as dining out goes, there’s a plethora of cuisine to choose from, including not limited to Mexican, premium burgers and fries, seafood, steaks and even Brazilian dishes. Grab a casual fish taco and a pint with your buds at the cosy State & Allen on Allen Street or a prime quality pizza at trendy Anju on Thomas Avenue. Pop open the bubbly with the best-reviewed oysters in Dallas at the established S & D Oyster Company on McKinney or watch the game with a jug and some homey pub food at sports bar The Nodding Donkey, on Thomas Avenue. The best steak in Uptown Dallas can apparently be found at a stone’s throw in the Park District, at Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille.

A broad range of grassy and stunning recreational areas are at your disposal in State Thomas, Dallas, with spacious parkland to meet up with friends, relax and bring a dog to walk on the lawns and take in the atmosphere and fresh air. Many urban territories lack grassier environments; State Thomas; Dallas couldn’t be any more different. Deep at the center of the Dallas cosmopolis, State Thomas, Dallas has a miniature slice of suburban life directly injected into the heart of an urban district, being the best of both worlds, having proximity to McKinney Avenue, the hallmark of nightlife in Uptown Dallas.


You’ll find that State Thomas, Dallas has a lot of small side streets and cul-de-sacs, probably boasting the most in Uptown Dallas. This could bear some importance to potential residents when you’re thinking about setting up home in a more community-style vibe in the Uptown region. State Thomas, Dallas has all of that and more, along with all other benefits of being an Uptown Dallas resident. You won’t be hard pushed to discover acres of green here, which you’ll agree is prime dog-walking territory. The majority of forward-thinking, health-conscious residents in this area are seen walking and jogging along the side streets, too. Going for a brisk walk or jog around State Thomas, Dallas can be viewed as a more than adequate alternative option to a Katy Trail run. Many of the locals believe that State Thomas, Dallas is second only to the Katy Trail when it comes to the optimum running atmosphere. Just like any mainly residential area, you can actually feel the chilled, laid-back community in this district of Uptown Dallas, which is known to host block parties just as much as organizing regular neighborhood watches.

State Thomas, Dallas also has a large, established cemetery section that can provide a very effective sound buffer to the usual, busy clatter of Uptown Dallas. Though not utilized as an active cemetery, it is flanked with various grand trees and is very picturesque.


When it comes to apartments, there’s a huge array of options to choose from, including some very modestly priced choices. You may decide on one of the many beautiful Floridian resort-style townhouses. The State Thomas, Dallas region plays host to a pleasant combination of costlier townhouses for purchasing and more moderately priced, great value apartments and apartment-managed townhome communities. A helpful tip: when purchasing a townhouse, a typical apartment-managed community may lease one for well under the standard market price when the occasional property is put on the market by an individual seller. The clever way to go is to pick a townhouse from a managed community. Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience so we can share our knowledge with you on how to get the most bang for your buck!

Many apartments in State Thomas, Dallas have sought-after amenities such as pools, indoor and outdoor dog-walking parks, panoramic views of downtown and social plan committees that organize block parties and social gatherings for their local residents. This premium Uptown Dallas neighborhood has so much appeal, with a thriving, cozy community atmosphere most people hanker after when they choose the perfect area to live in.


The quaint and vibing Uptown Dallas community of State Thomas Dallas is conveniently placed adjacent to downtown Dallas. The many, various features it has include some of the best and well-reviewed restaurants, art galleries, antique shops, vintage boutiques and five-star hotels. The area is referred to constantly by locals as the center of the Dallas Arts and Culture Scene. Providing easy access to the M Line Trolley and crackling nightlife of McKinney Avenue, this residential neighborhood went under extensive restoration in order to emulate the prestigious Boston Brownstones with their refined elegance of Park Avenue. This district of Uptown Dallas showcases urban lifestyles at their fullest, with a whole bunch of green, leafy recreational space and a unique, bustling nightlife.

It bears repeating; State Thomas, Dallas includes so many appealing and diverse reasons for you to consider it as an ideal area to live in Uptown Dallas. Modern residential living in a tight, snug neighborhood environment; fast and simple access points to the two main freeways used for commuting, modestly priced apartments and townhomes, and all the perks and benefits of settling in the Uptown, with its copious shopping, dining and entertainment outlets. The leafy green streets and avenues of this close-knit neighborhood will immediately feel like your home, and still only minutes travel away from the other parts of Uptown, downtown and the other popular parts of the amazing city of Dallas.

Do you think you’re ready for us to match you with your ideal Uptown Dallas apartment? Get in touch with us today. We offer completely free advice and assistance in our service, so you can put your trust in us to find the best home so that you can comfortably begin your very own Uptown Dallas adventure. We’re looking forward to offering you our services.